Shanghai Huoke New Material Co., Ltd is located in Shanghai Yangpu New Material Science Park. We are specializing in the fireproof sealing products and serves in the global shipbuilding and ocean engineering manufacturing enterprises. We had developed HK-MG type spigot firestop cable transit, ultra light HK-16 type A class fireproof putty and other products after years of development successfully. Our products had been sold widely in various shipbuilding industry concentration areas.

The HK-MG type spigot firestop cable/pipe penetration which is produced by intumescent flame retardant technology (Intumex Technology) provides a new solution to the ship yards. This is a kind of more fast and convenient and more value-added products. And it also makes your ship more safety.

Our company is provided with complete design innovation system and strong R&D abilities. Our survival and development are based on technical innovation, and our marketing staffs possess with advanced degree and high-quality. We are always keeping track the newest News of related products at home and abroad, and provide domestic and foreign customers with more excellent performance, more simple application and more safe and reliable using of marine fireproof sealing serial products.

Our company upholds the goal of becoming the trust of customers and preferred brand supplier, be with the core value of “focus on products, continuous improvement, customers focus and serve with heart”. And we will give our customers the best solutions and the most complete after-sales services through unremitting efforts at professional level. We have supplied good products and services for many domestic shipbuilding and marine engineering enterprises, and receive a high degree of recognition.

While we provide products with our customers, we also provide the all-around solutions.

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