Our company is a professional enterprise that produces shipping outfitting and marine cable sealing transit material. It is one of the key enterprises engage in the R & D, production and application of marine cable sealing transits in China. 

HK-MG type spigot cable/pipe sealing transits are our key products, which is prepared synthetically basing on the formulation and production process at home and abroad. The series of products have advanced technical indicators, accord with relevant regulations of IMO 2010 FTP Code and shipbuilding requirements. Also, this series of products have been approved by CCS, ABS, LR, RS, DNV?GL, BV and EC.  

HK-16 type ultra light A class fireproof putty is a light specific gravity, one-component sealing compound which is more convenient to install. It provides with a effective solution for weight loss of ship outfitting products.

Shanghai Huoke New Material Co., Ltd has extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit, modern management methods. The product quality has reached the advanced level among similar products in China and become popular with the major domestic shipbuilding and marine industries.

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