Ultra Light HK-16 Type A Class Fireproof Putty Cable Transit

Reducing the weight of the shipbuild is a very important job for the shipyards to meet saving energy and reducing emissions target. The weight loss of ship outfitting products  will help to lighten the ship overall weight and increase payload, reduce shipbuild costs.

HK-16 type A class fireproof putty is a light specific gravity, one-component sealing compound which is more convenient to install.


 1 The cable coaming should be filled with HK-16 type A class fireproof putty completely. The minimum height of the A60 deck cable transit is 80mm. The minimum height of the A60 bulkhead cable transit is 180mm, A30 bulkhead cable transit is 80mm height;

 2 The cables in the coaming must not be contacted by each other; 


 3 When HK-16 type A class fireproof putty is used in limited spaces, a stick or suitable instrument is useful to push the putty in well; 


 4 The putty on the both ends of the cable coaming need to scrap flat compactly. And a flash light can be used to check if there are some gaps between the cables;


 5 HK-16 type A class fireproof putty can cured in air. The penetration should avoid be disturbed before the putty cured, to ensure the integrity of the sealed penetration.

Product Features:
1. Ultra-light products, more than 50% weight can be reduced compared with the traditional firestop fillers;
2. Fire test can up to A60 class, and products have been approved by classification society;
3. With low thermal conductivity and excellent insulating function;
4. One component formula, without mixing for using;
5. The product is a soft putty, and the hardness can keep same in defferent environment.The construction is fast, convenient and flexible, greatly improving construction efficiency;
6. After the construction finished, ultra light HK-16 type A fireproof putty will cure slowly and form a watertight and airtight refractory insulation barrier;
7. Halogen-free, non-asbestos formulations, no harmful gas released in the fire environment.

Type Approval:
A0, A30 and A60 class HK-16 ultra light fireproof putty cable transit  has been approved by CCS, NK, LR, DNV.GL, ABS and EC.

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