HK-MG Type Spigot Cable transit

When suffering fire or temperature, A60 Class HK-MG type spigot cable transit will form a kind of good insulation porous medium. It can not only  effectively solve the problems which are brought by fire cable but also have a high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, halogen free and low smoke at the same time.
A60 class HK-MG type spigot cable transit consists of HK-M type firestop sealant and HK-G type firestop sleeves.


1. Remove oil stains and dust from the inside of cable frame and the surface of cables. cables can be ducted through the cable frame in random order. And each cable is wrapped with a HK-G filler sleeve.

2. The remaining space in the cable frame is filled with type 27/19 and 19/12 HK-G filler sleeves, to make sure cable firm not shake. And 25mm free space shall be retained in the two ends of conduit.

3. A 25mm thick layer of HK-M firestop sealant shall be overfilled so that some sealant can be pushed into the empty between cables.

4. Keep the sealant surface flat with a wet cloth. And the gap between cable and cable can be filled with finger or a tool wrapped by a wet cloth pressing sealant. The wet cloth can prevent the sealant from sticking the tool.

5. After construction finished, the sealant surface shall be keep smooth and same lever with cable frame surface. And a final inspection shall be done by a flashlight irradiating, no light passing the transit.

1. Cut open the sealant layer at both sides of the transit with a knife. Some small cables can be passed through type 27/19 filler sleeves directly.

2. For some big extra cables, a number of filler sleeves must be removed from the conduit, then pull the cable and the fitting sleeve through the transit.

3.  Refill the cut opening at both sides of the conduit with HK-M firestop sealant. The sealant should be pressed and smoothed with a wet cloth.

 1.  HK-MG type spigot cable transit sealing products are both prepared by polymer materials, with the advantages of light weight and convenient construction.
 2.  Under a high temperature condition, the volume of HK-G type intumescent firestop sleeve will be expanded to 5-10 times than before.
 3.  The thermal expansion process is quick and efficient. The expanded materials can fill all space within the coaming in a very short time, so that the effect of fire and smoke proof can be achieved.
 4.  It can successfully resist -60℃ temperature, with a excellent performance of low temperature resistance.

A0-A60 class HK-MG type spigot cable transit have been approved by CCS, ABS, BV, RS, LR, DNV.GL and EC.

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